Cost of the Tour

Hail Caledonia! land of my childhood,
Home of my birth, so radiant and fair.
Though I have roam'd through the world and its beauties,
Nowhere on earth with thee can compare.
Thou art majestic and regal in splendour,
Thou art the land of the gallant and free,
Lassies with hearts aye so true and so tender.
Hail Caledonia! how I love thee!

From the song "Hail Caledonia" by Hugh Ogilvie, 1912

Tour Prices

Our tours are competitively priced and we depend on a minimum of five passengers for a tour to go ahead, with prices from £35 - £56 per person. 

Please phone the day before you wish to take a tour to book your place, and to give details of where you are to be picked up. 

Tours last all day, around 8 hours, and there will be stops for lunch and other refreshments along the way.

Private Tours

Tour Lochaber is available for private tours as well as group tours. If you are an individual, a couple, a family or  group of friends and would like to book a private tour for the whole day we are happy to provide that. The cost of a private tour is £280 per day.